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Western New York and Pennsylvania Railroad (WNYP)

The WNYP main line extends for 190 miles from Hornell, on New York’s southern tier to Meadville in northwestern Pennsylvania. A branch 90 miles long extends from Machias, NY to North Driftwood, PA., cresting the Allegany Mountains at Keating Summit. This branch intersects the Hornell-Meadville line at Olean, the location of the company’s operations headquarters and locomotive maintenance facility. Other branches serve industries in the Oil City, PA area and a refinery at Farmers’s Valley, PA. Interchange is made with Norfolk Southern at Hornell, Meadville and North Driftwood, and with Buffalo & Pittsburgh RR at Salamanca, NY and Corry, PA. Interchange is also conducted with Oil Creek & Titusville Line (OCTL) at Rouseville, PA and Canadian Pacific Railway via NS haulage to Hornell. The WNYP main line includes portions of Erie Railroad’s historic broad gauge route that date back to 1852. The Machias-Driftwood line is a portions of the former Pennsylvania Railroad Buffalo Line.

WNYP began independent operations in 2001 after concluding a long term lease with Norfolk Southern and obtaining certain property tax abatements granted by Southern Tier Extension Rail Authority (STERA). In addition to its leasehold, WNYP hold title to a 42-mile segment of its route (Corry to Meadville). Since start up, some 26 million dollars has been invested to upgrade track and structures – including installation of 15 miles of welded rail and over 125,000 cross- ties. The investment involved state and federal grants, private capital and reinvestment of the 45G railroad maintenance tax credit.

Western New York & Pennsylvania RR is a limited liability company, controlled by Livonia, Avon & Lakeville RR Corp. of Lakeville, NY.


B&H Rail Corp (B&H)

Rail Connections:

  • Norfolk Southern at Painted Post, NY (PAIPO) – Connection with NS Southern Tier Route.

B&H Team Tracks and Other Facilities:

B&H has team tracks (public use sidetracks) at Bath, Cohocton, and Wayland. We also can suggest other multimodal and distribution facilities on our line.

For further information regarding any of these properties and/or services, please contact:

Dan Eagan
Vice President of Marketing and Sales
P.O. Box 190-B
5769 Sweeteners Blvd.
Lakeville, NY 14480


Other Links :

Livonia, Avon & Lakeville Railroad
Corporation (LAL)
PO Box 190-B
5769 Sweeteners Blvd
Lakeville, NY 14480

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